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  • Hangleton & Knoll Neighbourhood Forum Renewal Consultation

    The Hangleton & Knoll Neighbourhood Forum was designated on 7 November 2018 . The forum’s designation lasts for 5 years and expired on 7 November 2023. The forum has applied to the council to formally renew its designation in accordance with the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 the...

    Closed 23 February 2024

  • Supporting tenants + leaseholders groups; improving communications and consultation

    The Community Engagement Team want to review and improve the flow of communications and consultations to and from tenant + leaseholder groups and Associations. We welcome comments from any tenants or leaseholders of the council. We want to hear from people particularly who have either been...

    Closed 21 February 2024

  • Wish Park (Aldrington Recreation Ground) - Proposed Outdoor Gym 

    Friends of Wish Park are proposing to install a new free access outdoor gym to increase accessibility and health benefits for everyone. This will be mainly funded by a successful grant funding application, which the Friends of Wish Park are in the process of applying for and...

    Closed 18 February 2024

  • Help choose the name for West Hove’s new seafront park.

    We’d like your help to choose a permanent name for the new West Hove seafront park being created through the Kingsway to the Sea project. Kingsway to the Sea is regenerating the underused facilities and green spaces on the seafront in West Hove, creating a new park stretching from...

    Closed 6 February 2024

  • Brighton seafront basketball court consultation

    About the project Brighton Seafront Basketball court is one of the most prominent basketball courts on the South Coast. This court has an incredibly high footfall and gives residents and tourists exposure to the game of basketball both by actively...

    Closed 31 January 2024

We Asked, You Said, We Did

Here are some of the issues we have consulted on and their outcomes. See all outcomes

We asked

The Council undertook a 5-week period of public consultation between 13 October and 17 November 2023 on the draft College Conservation Area Statement. 

The Council stated that “We are consulting upon a new College Conservation Area Character Statement. The aim of the Character Statement is to define the special interest of the area, through a detailed assessment of its history, character and appearance.”

The council asked for consultation responses so that officers can “assess the responses and revise the Character Statement as appropriate”.

You said

75 responses were received in total which is considered a very good response for this type of consultation. A significant number of responses came from local residents (59).

Some residents felt the consultation should have included letters or flyers to all homes within the local area. The consultation was considered appropriate and proportionate for the nature and purposes of the document.

A summary of responses received and how these have been addressed in the final document is included in Appendix 2.

We did

Council officers made a number of amendments to the Character Statement including:

  • Additional text on residential properties,
  • Reference to street furniture,
  • More photographs were added

Further comments were made regarding highways and parking in the area which came outside the remit of the Character Statement and it was agreed to send these on to the appropriate departments.

These changes and others were made and the Character Statement was presented to the Culture, Heritage, Sport, Tourism & Economic Development Committee.

The Committee noted that a further amendment was required to the conservation area map and the Character Statement was approved.

The College Conservation Area Character Statement was adopted at Culture, Heritage, Sport, Tourism & Economic Development Committee on 18 January 2024.

the Committee Report and Appendices can be viewed below

We asked

The Council undertook a 6-week period of public consultation between 21 March and 7 February 2022 on the draft Biodiversity and Nature Conservation Supplementary Planning Document (SPD).

The consultation enabled residents and stakeholders to tell us what they thought about the draft SPD. 

You said

A total of 19 responses were received. 

Overall, there was broad support for most aspects of the guidance. In particular, the biodiversity resource and biodiversity matters sections were considered accurate, the good practice examples were considered helpful, and the step-by-step guide for applicants was considered clear. There was also support for the Biodiversity Checklist to be a validation requirement for relevant applications.

A full summary of the comments and officer response can be found in the Consultation Statement. 

We did

The representations have been considered and various changes have been made to the SPD. The SPD and its Annexes were approved by Tourism, Equalities, Communities and Culture Committee on 16 June 2022. The SPD is now a material consideration in determining planning applications. 

Biodiversity and Nature Conservation SPD

Biodiversity and Nature Conservation SPD Annexes

Adoption Statement

We asked

To meet the requirements set out in the neighbourhood planning regulations, the Council undertook an 8-week period of public consultation on the applications between 9am on 26 August 2021 to 11:59pm on 22 October.

The consultation period was originally 6 weeks, but the consultation period was extended to allow for it to coincide with consultation by the South Downs National Park Authority.

You said

In total 22 responses were received during the consultation period. The representations received have been considered in determining the applications for the neighbourhood area and neighbourhood forum.  

We did

Based on the information provided with the neighbourhood area and forum applications and having considered all the consultation responses received, it was considered that the proposed neighbourhood area boundaries are appropriate and that the proposed neighbourhood forum would meet all the requirements set out in the legislation. 

The Coldean Forum and Area were formally designated by Brighton & Hove City Council on 25th November 2021.

The South Downs National Park Authority also approved the designation on 23 December 2021