Proposal to change the use of the former Portslade Community College sixth form site on Mile Oak Road

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Closes 25 Feb 2020

The next stage

All the views put forward during the consultation stage will be considered prior to making a final decision on whether to submit an application under the legislation that protects school playing field land. 

The proposals set out in this document are put forward as a basis for consultation only. We would stress that no decisions have yet been made and that none will be made until consultations have been completed and all views carefully considered by the council.  

Should the council decide to go ahead with the application to change the use of this site any views expressed during this consultation will be reflected in the application to the Secretary of State.  

The councillors for the North and South Portslade Wards are:

  • Peter Atkinson
  • Anne Pissaridou
  • Leslie Hamilton
  • Alan Robins

Why we don’t believe the site should continue to be used for educational purposes

A key reason is that our future pupil number forecasts strongly suggest that using it either for secondary or primary education is no longer viable.

The local secondary school planning area in which this site sits has a total of 240 places per year available. The maximum number of pupils we anticipate will be looking for a school place in the future in this area will be 200.

This means we can expect a minimum of 16% surplus places in this planning area.

There is a similar situation in the local primary planning area. This has 330 places, with a maximum of 250 pupils looking for a school place – giving a minimum of 24% surplus places in the primary planning area. 

Even taking into account that the adjacent primary and secondary planning areas may require some overspill in the next few years, there will always be surplus capacity in this part of the city.

The site was not considered as a suitable permanent site for the Kings School is that the Portslade Aldridge Community Academy (PACA) is so close – just 1km as the crow flies and 1.4km by road. 

What might be the educational and community advantages of the proposal?

The educational and community advantages of this scheme are that the council will not have to maintain an empty or under used building using capital provided to maintain the school estate.  In addition to this the proposal will give the opportunity to provide modern high-quality space for the social care service which supports wider council priorities. 

What might the educational advantages of retaining the current position?

We can see no advantage to the current position being retained. The site would become an unused facility attractive to vandals and could become a magnet for anti-social behaviour. 

For these reasons we are now looking to change the use of this site.