Kingsway To the Sea: Landscape and Public Realm Improvement - West Hove Seafront

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Closes 3 Oct 2021


Where the area is
The scheme focusses on land between the A259 and the promenade and from the King Alfred to Hove Lagoon – see images below. The promenade is not included in the scope of this scheme for financial and deliverability reasons. However, access, connectivity and the relationship between the development area and the promenade will be considered as part of the design process.

An aerial view of the West Hove Seafront area between Hove Lagoon and the King Alfred Leisure Centre.

Red line boundary showing the land within the scope of this project.

What's happened so far

Work on the project has been ongoing since 2018 when the West Hove Forum approached the council to work on plans to develop the area, The now named ‘Kingsway to the Sea’ scheme was thus developed at the request of the local community. The council established a register of seafront community stakeholders and received a very positive response.

As part of project development, a number of consultation exercises have been undertaken. In total, 16 separate stakeholders have been consulted. These all belong to the West Hove Seafront Action Group (WHSAG) group. The stakeholder group aims to secure a broad representation of local residents, businesses, membership clubs related to the traditional sports activities in the area, and voluntary organisations.

During the production of project designs in May 2021, the landscape architects appointed by BHCC conducted another stakeholder consultation exercise with WHSAG. Around 30 local stakeholders attended the meeting to discuss their requirements and aspirations for the project. The current project plans and ideas have been produced with direct input from the stakeholder group.

Feedback from the consultation will be used by the project team to inform the concept design. This will be shared with the stakeholder group and will be developed to the stage where it can be presented to the Tourism Equalities Communities & Culture Committee (TECC) early next year.

A Planning application will be submitted following approval by the TECC committee.