Admission arrangements for Brighton & Hove schools 2021/22

Closed 6 Jan 2020

Opened 15 Nov 2019


Brighton & Hove City Council is consulting on admission arrangements for its community schools, Brighton Aldridge Community Academy (BACA), Portslade Aldridge Community Academy (PACA) and City Academy, Whitehawk. These arrangements would take effect from September 2021.

The following groups are invited to give their views on the proposals put forward in this document.

  • parents of children between the ages of two and 18;
  • other persons in the relevant area (the geographical area of Brighton & Hove City Council) who have an interest in the proposed admissions;
  • all other admission authorities within the relevant area;
  • school governors;
  • any adjoining neighbouring local authorities where the admission authority is the local authority;
  • in the case of schools designated with a religious character, the body or person representing the religion or religious denomination.

The responses to this consultation will be presented to the council’s children, young people & skills committee at a meeting on 13 January 2020.

If you want a hard copy, please phone the school admissions team by telephoning (01273) 293653 or e-mail the team at


This consultation consists of six sections listed below. The first section is a new proposal that is likely to draw significant interest from the public. The remaining five sections feature in any consultation on admission arrangements and there are no proposed changes to these parts. However comments can still be made.

  1. Proposed changes to the Published Admission Number of three primary schools and one junior school
  2. The oversubscription priorities for community secondary schools, BACA and PACA
  3. The oversubscription priorities for community infant, junior and primary schools and City Academy Whitehawk
  4. The ‘relevant area’ for consultation
  5. The Published Admission Numbers of all other community schools, BACA, PACA and City Academy Whitehawk
  6. The co-ordinated admission schemes for 2021/22