Consultation on re-locating the primary aged provision of the Pupil Referral Unit to the Connaught Road

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Closes 16 Oct 2022


The City is experiencing a reduction in the number of pupils needing school places across the city. As a result of this reduction in the need for primary school places the decision was taken for the West Hove Infant School pupils to co-locate with the pupils from Hove Junior School at the Holland Road site.  This took place in January 2022 and since then the Connaught Road building has been empty.

The Council is seeking to re-locate the primary aged provision of the Pupil Referral Unit to the Connaught Road site with effect from Easter 2023. In Brighton & Hove, the Pupil Referral Unit is called the Central Hub and the primary aged provision is currently located at Lynchet Close.  The Pupil Referral Unit is a type of council-run school specifically set up to provide education for children who are unable to attend mainstream school. Pupils are often referred to a PRU if they need a higher level of support than a mainstream school can provide. They are sometimes called alternative provision.  

Pupils who attend a PRU might be experiencing social, emotional or behavioural difficulties, including problems with mental health issues. They may have been permanently excluded from their mainstream school or they may be at risk of permanent exclusion.  The primary section of the Central Hub has a maximum of 24 places for pupils aged between 5 and 11 years old.   Some pupils will have all their lessons at the Central Hub while others split their time between the mainstream school where they’re registered and the Central Hub.  The majority of pupils are transported to and from the Central Hub by taxi.  

The Council wishes to enhance the educational experience and environment of the primary aged pupils who attend the Central Hub and consider this can be most effectively achieved by re-locating the provision to the Connaught Road site and using the substantial front building to do so. 

In addition, it means that the space vacated by the primary provision of the Central Hub at its Lynchet Close location can be re-modelled to enhance and co-locate all of the secondary aged provision of the Central Hub in one place. Currently there is a Pupil Referral Unit at Dyke Road and at Lynchet Close providing education to secondary aged pupils. Another specific provision for Year 11 pupils only, called The Connected Hub is located separately at Florence Place, Brighton BN1 7GU.