Farm Green Beryl BTN Bikehub

Closed 24 Nov 2023

Opened 27 Oct 2023


As part of the expansion of our Beryl BTN Bikes scheme, we’re planning on installing a new hub for Beryl Bikes on the Auckland Drive side of Farm Green.

We recognise the Bevendean area has been without proper access to our bike hire scheme and so we want to correct this by installing a new hub at Farm Green.

The bikes parked there would be a mixture of pedal bikes and new e-bikes, available to hire through the Beryl App.

We’d like to hear your views and comments on the plan for a hub at Farm Green.

Please look out for changes to the pricing structure and new options for priority groups such as full time students, job seekers and pensioners.

You can find more information on our Beryl BTN Bikes webpage or view our Brighton & Hove cycle map.

What happens next

We will collate all comments recieved and report them back to your local ward councillors and the chair of the Transport and Sustainability committee.