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  • Libraries Survey 2021 - Library users and non-users aged 0-12 years

    What do you think about Brighton & Hove Libraries Services? We want to know your views so that we can provide the books and other things you want to borrow or use in the library, and to hold the events and activities you enjoy. The su r v e y will take about 10 mi n utes to complet e . Thank y ou f or taking part in this su r v e y. Y our vi e ws are impo r tant to us. More
    Closed 4 July 2021
  • Moulsecoomb Housing and Community Hub Skate Consultation

    Following a resident consultation held in 2020, proposals have been reshaped for a new community hub and more than 200 council homes on a number of underused sites in Moulsecoomb, close to Hodshrove Lane. The latest details of how the proposals are developing, along with the next stages, are available on our new Moulsecoomb housing and community hub webpages . These pages will be updated as the proposals develop. Feedback from the resident consultation... More
    Closed 12 July 2021
  • Hove Station Neighbourhood Plan - Submission consultation (Regulation 16)

    Hove Station Neighbourhood Forum has prepared a Neighbourhood Plan. The plan sets out a vision for the future of the Hove Station Neighbourhood Area and includes planning policies which will be used to help determine planning applications locally. They undertook their initial regulation 14 consultation in March 2019. In accordance with Regulation 16 of the Neighbourhood Planning Regulations 2012 (as amended), the HSNP and associated documents will go out to consultation... More
    Closed 15 July 2021
  • Gambling Policy 2022-2024

    The council, as a licensing authority, is carrying out a consultation exercise as part of the review of its Gambling Policy 2020-2024 (opens a pdf in a new window) The council would like local stakeholders, residents and members of the public as well as statutory consultees and “responsible authorities” to have their say about the proposed policy. There are no major changes proposed. Pre-consultation was carried with the Gambling Commission and other relevant... More
    Closed 29 August 2021
  • Tennis clubs consultation

    Introduction and background In 2016/17, the city council and Cityparks agreed to start the process of transferring sports facilities in parks to sports clubs and user groups in order to ensure the future viability of these facilities. Self-management of sports facilities has proved to be very successful, with clubs and other organisations generally able to offer better facilities at little or no cost to the council. Called... More
    Closed 29 August 2021
  • Have your say on a change to planning applications

    We're asking for comments on a proposal to make a minor change to the information we need to ‘validate’ planning applications. The documents you have to submit as part of a planning application are put on a local list. We publish these as checklists for the different types of application . We're now proposing to add a Health Impact Assessment (HIA) to the list of documents you need to submit for some larger planning applications. This will support putting our local... More
    Closed 5 September 2021
  • Rampion windfarm expansion proposals

    Rampion wants to hear from you Rampion Extension Development Limited is consulting on its proposals to expand the windfarm off the coast of Sussex. Because of its scale and energy output, this is a Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project . This means the Planning Inspectorate considers whether or not to grant a Development Consent Order. The project team are looking for feedback on: their initial assessment of the onshore and offshore impacts for the... More
    Closed 16 September 2021
  • The future of secondary school places in Brighton & Hove

    The number of children due to start secondary school in Brighton & Hove is forecast to drop significantly over the next 10 years. We want to understand what residents think are the key areas to consider when reviewing ways to address the impact of fewer children needing secondary school places in the city. More
    Closed 30 September 2021
  • Kingsway To the Sea: Landscape and Public Realm Improvement - West Hove Seafront

    Kingsway to the Sea is a project that is being developed by Brighton and Hove City Council (BHCC) with local community organisations to regenerate what are considered run-down and underused spaces on the seafront in West Hove. Trends in sports participation have altered which has led to a drop in use of the existing facilities here. The scheme is aiming to enhance the green spaces and provide contemporary leisure and sporting facilities which are relevant to the needs and aspirations of... More
    Closed 3 October 2021
  • Council Tax Reduction 2022-23 (Earnings Bracket scheme)

    Each year, the council is required to review its Council Tax Reduction (CTR) scheme. Council Tax Reduction (CTR) is a system for low income households to help pay towards Council Tax. You may get Council Tax Reduction if you pay Council Tax and your income and capital (savings and investments) are below a certain level. People of pensionable age are assessed under national rules which the council cannot change. They will continue to have their Council Tax Reduction... More
    Closed 18 October 2021
  • Proposed Coldean neighbourhood area and forum

    The Coldean community have submitted an application to establish a neighbourhood area and neighbourhood forum for the Coldean Area. What's being proposed The Coldean community submitted two applications to the council that relate to the area shown on the accompanying map. One seeks to designate the area as a Neighbourhood Area and the other seeks to designate a Neighbourhood Forum. If they're approved, the Neighbourhood Forum will be able to draw up a Neighbourhood... More
    Closed 22 October 2021
  • Proposal to relocate West Hove Infant School (Connaught Road site) to Holland Road

    West Hove Infant school operates on two different sites and the council is looking to move the school from one of these sites. The proposal is to move West Hove Infant school (Connaught Road site) to Holland Road so that the school can co-locate on Holland Road with Hove Junior School. The council would like to understand the view of residents about this proposed move. Public meetings You can attend a public meeting to discuss this proposal on the... More
    Closed 25 October 2021
  • Have your say on new council ward boundaries

    Brighton & Hove City Council and the Local Government Boundary Commission are asking local people and organisations for their help to draw up new ward boundaries across Brighton & Hove. In drawing up a pattern of electoral wards, the Boundary Commission will seek to: Make sure that, within an authority, each councillor represents a similar number of electors Create boundaries that are appropriate, and reflect community ties and identities ... More
    Closed 1 November 2021
  • Future arrangement of the Home to School Transport service

    Purpose of the consultation The council has begun to consider the process of commissioning the new Home to School Transport (HTST) contract from August 2023. This consideration will involve a consultation with all stakeholders, including parents and carers, young people, schools and transport firms. It will also involve research into systems used by other Local Authorities and their respective strengths and weaknesses. The Home to School Transport... More
    Closed 12 November 2021
  • Developer contributions calculator for on-site public art provision

    The artistic tradition of Brighton & Hove is an important part of its identity. The provision of public art can create and enhance local distinctiveness in the public realm and help develop a desirable sense of place as well as improving legibility . Working with artists offers an opportunity to design schemes which go beyond the purely functional and create places that reflect the life, identity and aspirations of a particular place or community. The Council is seeking to... More
    Closed 8 December 2021
  • Have your say on the draft domestic abuse accommodation and support strategy for Sussex

    We want to know what you think of the draft domestic abuse accommodation and support strategy for Sussex. Have we got the priorities right? Is there anything we have missed? How to take part You can complete the online survey or send us your feedback via email. The consultation closes on 19 December 2021. More
    Closed 19 December 2021
  • Admission arrangements for Brighton & Hove schools 2023/24

    Brighton & Hove City Council is consulting on future admission arrangements for the city’s community schools, Moulsecoomb Primary School and City Academy, Whitehawk. These arrangements will take effect from September 2023. The consultation runs from 15 November 2021 to 2 January 2022. The following groups are invited to give their views on the proposals put forward in this document: parents of children between the ages of two and 18; ... More
    Closed 2 January 2022
  • Have your say on Public Space Protection Orders - barbecues, lanterns and balloons

    The use of single-use, disposable barbecues and the release of lanterns and balloons outdoors has caused an impact on the environment and increased clear up and costs for Brighton & Hove City Council. Following complaints and feedback we would like to hear your views on our plan to solve this problem. More information on the use of single-use, disposable barbecues litter bins have been set alight in Brighton & Hove - this may have been due to the incorrect disposal of... More
    Closed 2 January 2022
  • Parent/carer feedback for Families, Children and Learning

    We’d like to know about your experience of Children’s Social Work. It’s important for us to hear your views so we can improve the support we offer to families in the city. This survey is anonymous. You can read the privacy notice about how we will use and store the information we collect. If you have any concerns about your current support, you should talk to your social worker or pod manager. Thank you for taking the time to complete the survey. More
    Closed 8 February 2022
  • Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG) in Brighton and Hove.

    Brighton & Hove City Council is seeking your views/experiences of Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG) in Brighton & Hove. Thank you for your interest in sharing your views with Brighton & Hove City Council on the important issue that is VAWG. Please do not include anything that might identify yourself or anyone else. The term VAWG (Violence Against Women and Girls) is an umbrella term for a range of crime types that... More
    Closed 20 February 2022
  • Mental health service - survey for professionals and clinicians

    Brighton and Hove City Council (BHCC) in partnership with NHS Brighton & Hove Clinical Commissioning Group (BHCCG) are developing a Mental Health & Housing Plan for the city. The aim of this plan is to identify what works well and what we can improve on in the future. We would like to hear from mental health professionals, clinicians and individuals working with those with mental health support needs. The views of those taking part in the survey will... More
    Closed 27 February 2022
  • Mental health service users survey 2022

    Brighton and Hove City Council (BHCC) in partnership with NHS Brighton & Hove Clinical Commissioning Group (BHCCG) are developing a Mental Health & Housing Plan for the city. The aim of this plan is to identify what works well and what we can improve on in the future. We would like to hear from people who have mental health support needs and the family and friends of those with mental health needs about their experiences of services including accommodation based support and... More
    Closed 27 February 2022
  • E Class to residential Article 4 Direction Consultation

    In April 2021 the Government amended the General Permitted Development Order, removing the need for planning permission for changes of use from E class “business, commercial and service use” to residential (use class C3), and replacing it with a system of prior approval.  Class E uses include shops, restaurants, medical uses, indoor sports facilities, offices and workshops.  In order to retain the ability to require planning permission in some areas... More
    Closed 14 March 2022
  • Draft Biodiversity and Nature Conservation Supplementary Planning Document Consultation

    Supplementary planning documents (SPD) are formal documents used by the council to provide guidance and information to planning applicants about how to deliver local planning policy as part of their development proposals. The council is currently updating its Nature Conservation and Development SPD (SPD11, 2010). The new Biodiversity and Nature Conservation SPD will help ensure that development meets updated national and local planning policy requirements for nature conservation... More
    Closed 21 March 2022
  • Queens Park Play Area Consultation

    The play area at Queens Park is set to have an upgrade. The council has been working closely with the Friends of Queens Park and would like your views on how the play area can be improved, making it accessible to all. This online survey is a great opportunity for local people, particularly parents/carers, to identify potential improvements and help shape the future of the play area for children and young people. Due to ongoing maintenance... More
    Closed 8 April 2022
  • New boundaries are being proposed for council wards in Brighton & Hove City Council

    The Local Government Boundary Commission wants to hear what residents and local organisations think about the proposals. A 10-week consultation on the proposals will run until 11 April 2022. The commission is the independent body that draws these boundaries. It is reviewing Brighton & Hove to make sure councillors will represent about the same number of electors, and that ward arrangements will help the council work effectively. The commission has published proposals for changes... More
    Closed 11 April 2022
  • Brunswick Town Conservation Area Character Statement

    The council has commissioned consultants the RSK Group to undertake a review of the Brunswick Town Conservation Area Character Statement. The aim of the Character Statement is to define the ‘special interest’ of the area, through a thorough assessment of its history and its character and appearance. The appraisal process should lead to a better understanding of the areas historic development, what makes it the special place it is today and its potential for its future... More
    Closed 4 May 2022
  • Hollingdean Initial Parking Consultation

    This questionnaire is now closed. More
    Closed 6 May 2022
  • Home to School Transport – Sustainability Strategy 2021-2025

    The Government requires local authorities to make transport arrangements for eligible children including those with SEND ( Special Educational Needs and Disabilities ), and also to promote sustainable and environmentally-friendly travel and transport. We are therefore seeking your views on our Sustainability Strategy 2021-2025 (link) to ensure we’re meeting these requirements. The strategy outlines how the Home to School Transport service endorses... More
    Closed 8 May 2022
  • Home to School Transport – Post 16 Policy Statement 2022-2023

    We are seeking your views on our updated Post 16 Transport Policy Statement. The Department for Education requires Local Authorities to consult each year, regardless of any changes, to ensure the policy provides a full picture of the available transport and support. Legislation on free school transport only applies to children until the end of Year 11. Any arrangements for travel support for 16-18 are at the discretion of each Local Authority. Some local authorities make a parental... More
    Closed 8 May 2022
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