South Portslade area parking consultation

Closed 21 Oct 2019

Opened 2 Sep 2019

Feedback Updated 7 Feb 2020

We Asked

Residents told us about parking issues in South Portslade, so in September 2019 we asked what they thought about having a resident parking scheme in the area.

Those who said they support a resident parking scheme were asked whether they would prefer a light-touch scheme or a full scheme.

You Said

60.5% of respondents support the idea of a resident parking scheme in the area based on a 36% response rate.

56.6% of respondents wanted a light touch scheme (11am to midday and from 6pm to 7pm). 

43.4% preferred a full scheme (9am to 8pm).

54.5% of respondents supported a Monday to Friday scheme while 45.6% supported a Monday to Sunday scheme.

We Did

We presented the results to the Environment, Transport and Sustainability Committee on 21 January 2020.

The committee decided to consult the whole area again about a light-touch scheme, so residents can make a decision after seeing the detailed design of the scheme.

View the committee report.


We are consulting with the South Portslade area to find out if there is general support for a resident parking scheme.