Alcohol licensing Cumulative Impact Assessment (CIA) 2023

Closes 21 Sep 2023


The Council, as Licensing Authority, is carrying out a statutory consultation exercise as part of its 3 year review of its Cumulative Impact Assessment (CIA) - opens a pdf in a new window.

The Licensing Authority’s Cumulative Impact Zone (CIZ) and special policy was set up because the Licensing Authority determined that the concentration of licensed premises and the subsequent numbers of people drawn into the city centre is causing exceptional problems of crime and disorder and public nuisance. The effect of this special policy is that applications for new premises licences or club premises certificates within the area, or variations which are likely to add to the existing Cumulative Impact, will be refused following relevant representations. The special policy is not absolute, and this presumption can be rebutted by the applicant if they can show that their application will have no negative Cumulative Impact and that there are exceptional circumstances to depart from the special policy. The cumulative impact assessment provides the basis for this special policy.

The council would like local stakeholders, residents and members of the public as well as statutory consultees and “responsible authorities” to have their say about the CIA.