Brighton & Hove Homeless and Rough Sleeping Strategy

Closed 8 Dec 2019

Opened 15 Nov 2019


Local authorities are required to review and refresh their homelessness and rough sleeping strategies every five years. Brighton & Hove City Council is developing a new combined Homelessness and Rough Sleeping Strategy. Input from community and partner agencies will be key to its success and will inform its development.

Homelessness can be devastating for individuals and families. It can have long-term consequences on all aspects of wellbeing of those impacted by it as well as the wider community. Homelessness is also associated with enormous health inequalities, including shorter life expectancy, higher death rates and greater usage of healthcare services. It is for these reasons that tackling homelessness and rough sleeping is a key priority for Brighton & Hove City Council.

The Homeless and Rough Sleeping Strategy will set out our approach to reducing homelessness and rough sleeping. Its development will consider how we adopt a Homeless Bill of Rights.