Farman Street PSPO Review

Closed 24 Aug 2020

Opened 13 Jul 2020


In 2013, following serious concerns around criminal and antisocial behaviour taking place along and around Farman Street, the council secured a Gating Order (now called a Public Space Protection Order) which allowed a highway restriction permitting a gate to be placed at the junction of Farman Street with Western Road, and for the residents to manage a night time only locking scheme between the hours of 9pm and 8am each day.

Under the terms of the order, the residents within the affected area are collectively responsible for the management and upkeep of the gates and ensuring that they are opened/closed at the stated times.

The law requires that Public Space Protection Orders should be reviewed every three years, and the review of this scheme is due by November of this year. To carry out the review we would welcome your comments on the scheme – particularly views around its effectiveness and whether the gates are still required as a response to crime and antisocial behaviour.