Oxford Court Carpark PSPO Review

Closed 24 Aug 2020

Opened 13 Jul 2020


Following concerns raised by local businesses and residents around criminal and antisocial behaviour taking place in and around the alleyway leading from Oxford Street to the Oxford Court carpark, the council granted a Public Space Protection Order which allowed access to be restricted into and through the alleyway.

A condition of the Order was that residents would be responsible for the upkeep and management of the gate installed.

The PSPO restriction has been in place now for around 18 months, and we would like to carry out a review to see how the scheme has worked, to make sure that people would still like it to be in place and that it remains helpful as a response to crime and antisocial behaviour and to take any other comments or questions about it.

Following this review – provided that the scheme continues – it will be reviewed every three years as is required by law. Any comments which you may have - particularly around its effectiveness and whether it is still required as a response to crime and antisocial behaviour. Would be most welcome