Statement of Licensing Policy (SoLP) 5 year review 2021

Closed 4 Oct 2020

Opened 20 Jul 2020


The Council, as Licensing Authority, is carrying out a consultation exercise as part of the 5 year statutory review of its Statement of Licensing Policy (SoLP).

The policy reflects national legislation and guidance and demonstrates how responsible authorities will operate at a local level.

The council would like local stakeholders, residents and members of the public as well as statutory consultees and “responsible authorities” to have their say about the proposed policy.

The key changes and proposals are detailed below:

  1. Maintain the current cumulative impact policy and zone as explained in the Cumulative Impact Assessment document 
  2. Expand the Special Stress Area (SSA) to cover Preston Road and Beaconsfield Road (up to Stanford Avenue).
  3. Consider including Marina into “Other areas” of the Matrix to reflect the increased number of residential properties.
  4. Amended Matrix approach to Licensing decisions
      1. To amend the “Café” category of the Matrix by reducing the terminal time for the sale of alcohol from midnight to 11pm or 10pm within the SSA and “other areas”.
      1. Shopping parades - Amend note 8 of the Matrix to “In an area where there are already several existing off-licences or where the premises is situated within a parade with another off licence and where representations are received about negative cumulative impact on the licensing objectives of a further premises, the application may be refused on these grounds or restrictions placed on the terminal hour to reflect opening hours of other shops.” 
      1. Alcohol in shared workspaces - Amend note 10 of the Matrix to clarify that “Non-alcohol led category does not include “alcohol in shared workplaces”. These type of premises are considered unique. It is recommended that sale of alcohol in shared workspaces should have a terminal hour of no later than 10pm. For further advice and guidance on “alcohol in shared workplaces” please see paragraph 3.3.5-3.3.7.
  5. Shadow Licences – add a new shadow licences section 3.10 to revised policy with advice, guidance and possible conditions.
  6. Alcohol Delivery – amend the Off Licence section 3.5.5-3.5.8 of the revised policy with suggested conditions.
  7. Update out of date/irrelevant data, legislation and text, update night time economy safeguarding initiatives (see section 3.4 of the revised Statement of Licensing Policy).