Statement of Licensing Policy (SoLP) 5 year review 2021

Closes 4 Oct 2020

Cumulative Impact Assessment and Special Policy

With the introduction of Cumulative Impact Assessments the licensing authority must review the existing special policy and Cumulative Impact Zone and publish a cumulative impact assessment (CIA) along with the evidence underpinning it for consultation. A copy of the CIA is contained in Appendix A  and in the Related Information box below.

The Police and the Council’s Public Health Intelligence Analyst have provided extensive evidence of alcohol related crime and health data relating to the special policy areas and citywide. Both sets of evidence show clear city centre hot spots all sitting within the cumulative impact zone and supports maintaining these boundaries. The Police and Public Health Intelligence submission with maps and data analysis can be found in Appendix A and in the Related Information box below.

Q1a. Do you agree or disagree with the proposal to maintain the Special policy on cumulative impact and to maintain the current Cumulative Impact Zone?
Q1b. Why do you agree or disagree with the proposal?
Q1c. Do you have any comments to make about the CIA?