Supporting tenants + leaseholders groups; improving communications and consultation

Closed 21 Feb 2024

Opened 5 Jan 2024

Results expected 29 Feb 2024


The Community Engagement Team want to review and improve the flow of communications and consultations to and from tenant + leaseholder groups and Associations.

We welcome comments from any tenants or leaseholders of the council. We want to hear from people particularly who have either been involved in their local residents group, or who might want to in the near future, or who want to see improved communications and consultation between council services and council tenants + leaseholders. 

The results from this short survey will lead into workshop discussions. Residents are invited to attend either a morning or evening session in person or an online zoom call. (the same session repeated to suit different needs). 

In particular, we want to hear about tenants experience of Resident Only meetings, and the process of asking Residents Questions to Area Panel. (This is one way tenants to raise issues, which has operated for years) 

Why your views matter

The views of tenants + leaseholders of the council are important to us. We want to support local groups to build and grow. Confident strong residents groups can be an important part of a healthy happy community. We want to help build residents groups ability to function well and have an active voice in improving Housing services, amongst the other good things groups want to do. 

The more we hear from  groups in the city, the more we can work together. 

What happens next

Following the survey AND workshop, the Community Engagement Team aim to share results and actions flowing out of this review and consultation. 

If at any time you would like to talk to us about this then please contact the Community Engagement Team. 

How to contact the team

You can contact us by:

You can send an email to our Community Engagement Administration Assistant, or phone 01273 291 518 or 07717 302 986.