Residents working with council housing

Closed 15 Sep 2022

Opened 27 May 2022


Brighton & Hove council tenant and leaseholder engagement is about residents working with the council to influence decisions about their homes and estates. It plays a vital role in ensuring the council understands the experience of residents living on estates and in council housing and helps improve and develop the quality of services, the local environment, and the standard of homes. 

The council is currently reviewing how we speak to, listen, and involve tenants and leaseholders and the management and maintenance of their homes.  Housing Management Area Panels are one of the ways for tenants and leaseholders to work with the council. These are regular meetings with local councillors and senior housing officers to look at a wide range of issues. 

We are looking at the way these meetings work and engage residents and if there are other ways people would like to contribute alongside the meetings. 

Why your views matter

We are aware that not everyone wants to or is able to come along to meetings, this survey aims to gather information so we can improve the existing ways to get involved and develop new ways for the council and residents to work together.  

We hope this survey will reach a wide group of tenants and leaseholders so we can get some in-depth views, experiences and ideas. This will enable us  to work together to improve the quality of your homes and develop council housing services. 

What happens next

Once this survey is complete, we will use this information alongside information from focus groups to inform the Housing Management Area Panel Review. We will then develop different ways we can offer tenants and leaseholders to share their views with us.  We hope to be able to set up more online and face to face opportunities to hear from residents to ensure we are able work together to improve council housing services.