Old Shoreham Road Cycle Lanes

Closes 31 Oct 2020

Opened 23 Jun 2020


Road space on both sides of the A270 – Old Shoreham Road, from its junction with Hangleton Road to The Drive, is temporarily allocated to cyclists. The temporary cycle lanes run along a 1.7 mile stretch and provide an alternative option for people travelling from the West of the city, where cycling facilities are limited.

Flexible plastic bollards, installed from 25 June, ensure that there is a physical barrier between cyclists and other traffic on the road. Temporary cycle lane signs and road markings along the route make road users aware of the changes.

All the comments we receive through this survey, about the temporary changes that are already in place, will help us decide our future action in response to Covid-19.

We'll do separate public consultations on any proposals for permanent changes. Then councillors will decide if there is enough support to put them in place.

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