COVID-19: Temporary Changes to Transport and Travel in Brighton & Hove

Closed 31 Dec 2020

Opened 23 Jun 2020


The way we move around Brighton & Hove has changed dramatically due to Covid-19. Physical distancing rules will remain a part of our lives for some time and whether we walk, cycle, drive or ride, we all need to make changes to the way we travel to keep safe and well.

The council is making temporary changes to our transport network, to keep the city moving while maintaining physical distancing. 

These changes will make it safer and easier for people to walk and cycle more while there's reduced capacity on public transport and keep congestion on our roads to a minimum.

We’d like to hear what you think about these changes.

We won’t be able to respond to you individually but your feedback will be considered as we plan future changes.

This survey is currently online only. However, if you are unable to complete the survey online because of your specific needs and want to give us your views on the temporary changes, please email and a member of staff will be in touch to help you share them.

All the comments we receive through this survey, about the temporary changes that are already in place, will help us decide our future action in response to Covid-19.

Many of the changes we have made have required us to put Experimental Traffic Orders in place.

We'll do separate public consultations on any proposals for permanent changes. Then councillors will decide if there is enough support to put them in place.