Roedean Residents Parking Consultation

Closed 10 Jul 2022

Opened 6 Jun 2022

Feedback updated 10 Nov 2022

We asked

In November 2021, we wrote to residents in the Roedean area to gauge if there was support for the introducton of a residents parking scheme.

80% of respondents were in favour of a residents parking scheme.

Therefore in June 2022, we wrote to residents in the area again with a detailed parking design drawing for this area.

You said

Following the recent detailed design parking consultation in the Roedean area, the council did not receive a significant level of support for a scheme from residents to proceed at this time.

We did

Full results and further information can be found in the committee report from the Environment, Transport and Sustainability Committee report from September 2022. 



This questionnaire is designed to gauge levels of support for the introduction of introducing a residents parking scheme in your area.