Valley Gardens Phase 3 - Old Steine to Palace Pier consultation

Closed 25 Nov 2018

Opened 12 Oct 2018

Results Updated 16 Apr 2019

Number of responses: Over 750


The results of the consultation and key stakeholder engagement will be used inform a design revision of the Phase 3 preferred option aligned to the project objectives and any amendments previously agreed by ETS Committee. The results of the consultation and the updated preliminary design plan will be reported to ETS Committee, 7 February. At this committee approval to progress to detailed design stage will be sought. Detail including what will be done with the Deco Bus stops will dealt with at the later detailed stage through a separate feasibility study. The detailing and finalisation of public spaces, green spaces, parking, access, landscape materials, and street lighting etc. will be worked up in the later Phase 3 detailed design stage after the 7 February ETS Committee if project progression is approved.

What Happens Next