Area U Coombe Road Residents' Parking Consultation

Closed 21 Jan 2024

Opened 11 Dec 2023


At the council’s Transport and Sustainability Committee on 3 October 2023, it was agreed to consult the residents of five areas on proposals to change existing parking arrangements and introduce all day Residents’ Parking Schemes.

If residents choose to move to the new Residents’ Parking Scheme, your area (Area U Coombe Road) would sit in the Outer City Zone and parking restrictions would be in place throughout the day (8am to 8pm) instead of the current arrangement of two separate one-hour periods across the day.

We are now asking all residents and businesses in this area if you would like to either:

Stay with your existing scheme: You would retain the present restrictions within your current Residents’ Parking Scheme.

Permit prices would increase to be more in line with current all day Residents’ Parking Schemes in place in other areas in the city.


Convert to an Outer City zone Residents’ Parking Scheme: Your area would become part of the Outer City zone with the scheme operating from 8am to 8pm Monday to Sunday.

Permit prices would be frozen for 2024/25 at your current Residents’ Parking Scheme tariff.

Please note: One submission is permitted from each property so please do discuss this with people you live with to ensure the response reflects the views of the occupants.