Community Infrastructure Levy - Post Examination Modifications Consultation

Closed 11 Sep 2019

Opened 17 Jul 2019


Consultation on Proposed Modifications to CIL Draft Charging Schedule

The Council will be consulting on the proposed modifications to the CIL Draft Charging Schedule for eight weeks between 17 July 2019 and 11 September 2019.

This follows on from the CIL Examination public hearing which was held 2 April 2019 and the submission of further work by the Council as requested by the Independent Examiner which was submitted 7 June 2019.

The CIL Examination Inspector has agreed the proposed main modifications for consultation. The Council is also consulting on some minor modifications to the Draft Charging Schedule. All the proposed modifications can be viewed by following the link below:

The main modifications:

  • Clarify strategic development sites to be nil rated for CIL due to viability considerations;
  • Clarify the CIL charging rates for residential development including reduced or nil charge for some forms of older persons housing;
  • Clarify the supporting notes to the schedule to aid implementation.

At this stage in the process, representations are invited on the proposed modifications only.

Copies of all relevant documents and evidence relating to the preparation of the CIL charging schedule are available on for inspection on the CIL Examination library and at the following city libraries at their normal opening hours.

Why we are consulting

The CIL Draft Charging Schedule and Statement of Modifications was submitted for formal examination in January 2019 and a public hearing session was held on 2 April 2019 chaired by an independent CIL Examination Inspector. Following the public hearing, the CIL Examiner requested some further work from the Council and its viability consultants. This further work was undertaken and submitted to the Inspector 7 June.

The CIL Examiner has now asked the council to consult on the main modifications to the Draft Charging Schedule, including some additional main modifications arising from the further work undertaken post public examination hearing. The Inspector will then consider all of the made representations on the proposed main modifications and will write his final report to the Council.

FAQ's document is available with more information.