Have your say on a change to planning applications

Closed 5 Sep 2021

Opened 26 Jul 2021


We're asking for comments on a proposal to make a minor change to the information we need to ‘validate’ planning applications.

The documents you have to submit as part of a planning application are put on a local list.

We publish these as checklists for the different types of application.

We're now proposing to add a Health Impact Assessment (HIA) to the list of documents you need to submit for some larger planning applications. 

This will support putting our local planning policy into action. This is set out in the City Plan Part 1, to promote a healthy city for everyone.

It requires you to submit an HIA on all strategic and larger developments in the city.

Find out more about Health Impact Assessments.

What validation is

Validation involves planning officers checking you've submitted the right documents with your planning application.

It makes sure all the relevant information is taken into account when deciding whether to approve or refuse the application.

Once we've validated it, we publish the application on our planning register and the public can make comments.

The information we need before we can validate planning applications includes: 

  • documents, like the application form, fee, and certificates which are national requirements 
  • local information, like the community infrastructure levy form or a flood risk assessment - this is known as the 'local list'

The government recommends local planning authorities review the 'local list' every 2 years.

We last reviewed our list in 2018, but our latest review has been postponed until 2022.

This will allow us to take into account updated local policies in the City Plan Part 2 and changes to national planning legislation, policy and guidance.