Commercial bins on the city’s roads, paths and pavements

Closed 31 Mar 2021

Opened 30 Sep 2020


The council receives a lot of complaints and comments about commercial bins on the city’s roads and pavements. Including where they are, their condition and the amount of them.

Despite trying to resolve these issues, people still have concerns about the cleanliness and attractiveness of the city to residents, shoppers and visitors. It's also causing problems for physical distancing.

COVID-19 has had a significant effect on businesses across Brighton & Hove. We want to do everything we can to support businesses as they reopen across the city.

So, we want to hear from businesses about solutions and ideas for our proposed model and how we can make improvements together.

We're seeking views on a proposed way to better manage the issue from all sectors of the community, including:

  • residents
  • businesses
  • waste management providers
  • Local Action Teams
  • community groups
  • council teams
  • other stakeholders across Brighton & Hove

We'll consider the outcome of the consultation, including your feedback. We'll present a final approach to a future meeting of the council’s Environment, Transport and Sustainability Committee.

Any new approach to commercial bins in the city will be brought in gradually. This is to make sure businesses and waste providers have enough support and time to prepare themselves for any changes.

For the purpose of this consultation, the use of ‘highways’ and ‘public highways’ relates to roads, paths and pavements.