Graffiti Tagging Reduction Strategy: Have your say…

Closes 9 Jan 2024

Opened 21 Nov 2023


We launched our first Graffiti Reduction Strategy and Action Plan in 2018 and since that time have been delivering activities to prevent graffiti tagging, take enforcement action against those responsible for the graffiti and removing graffiti tagging from across the city. 

We’re now refreshing the Strategy and Action Plan and want to hear your views on how we tackle graffiti across Brighton & Hove. 

A key piece of learning from the last five years is that the council cannot address graffiti tagging on its own. There are many others that have a role to play, and it is hoped that through this consultation and the other engagement activities taking place, those stakeholders that can help to prevent, enforce and remove graffiti tagging from across the city identify themselves and commit to tidying up Brighton & Hove. 

Give us your views