Lewes Road Triangle communal recycling

Closes 28 Jul 2019

Our proposal

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Communal recycling bins - proposed

We would like to offer residents in your area a complete communal waste collection service by replacing the current box scheme with communal recycling bins.

View the proposed communal bin locations (PDF)


  • Communal recycling bins can be used daily so are easy and convenient
  • You do not need to store recycling waste in your house until collection day
  • Recycling is securely contained, resulting in cleaner streets
  • They offer a larger capacity for recycling than the current recycling boxes


  • Recycling bins can be noisy when used, however we’ve recently changed these to smaller bins to reduce the noise
  • They can attract fly-tipping around the bins

Recycling boxes - current


  • A doorstep collection service


  • Problems with seagulls and other animals spreading the waste on the street
  • Boxes left on the pavement on non-collection days
  • Limited capacity for recycling

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Do you agree with the introduction of communal recycling in the Lewes Road Triangle?